Pressure Cooker Temperature Gauge 0 to 160 Celcius

Pressure Cooker Temperature Gauge 0 to 160 Celcius

There is a 5-day lead time from payment received once this unit is sold ***

If you would like to convert an off-the-shelf, store-bought pressure cooker, you can order and fit the gauges. We offer a Pressure and a Temperature gauge.

Temperature gauge:  63mm stem length, 6mm stem diameter, 0 to 160 Degrees Celsius, 1/2 inch thread size (18.25 mm)


The Bi-Metal thermometer has no pinion and segment movement and the pointer is directly driven by the coiled bimetallic strip. This simple, yet rugged construction ensures long, trouble free service with enduring accuracy. Bi-Metal thermometers are typically used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), chemical and petroleum plants, pulp and paper industries, food and beverage industries.

Hermetically sealed. Sturdy all stainless steel construction. Crimped on bezel. No geared movement. The pointer is directly driven by the Bi-metallic coil. This sturdy assembly renders the few moving components virtually impervious to shock and the effects of vibration.

SABS approved
Housing - Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Stem and Fitting - Grade 316 Stainless Steel, zero externally adjustable
Dial - Aluminium, white with printing in black and red
Pointer - Matt black anodised aluminium
Environmental Protection - IP65
Accuracy - 1 % FSD