Nutrient Plate 60mm

Nutrient Plate 60mm

A Nutrient Plate is a Petri Dish with a ready-made Nutrient mixture (see recipe below) on which a mycelium culture will be grown.


10g Agar Agar Powder

2g Dextrose Powder

10g Barley Malt Powder

500ml boiling water


Mix all the ingredients very well and until there are no lumps.

Pour mixture into a Glass Beaker and cover with Heavy Duty Foil and wrap tight (the foil is a splash cover).

Place the Glass Beaker in a Pressure Cooker and get it to operating temperature and pressure.

From this point, cook for 20 minutes.

Remove Glass Beaker from the Pressure Cooker and wait for mixture to drop to 50°C.

Pour into the Petri Dishes.