Making spawn

Making spawn

Our intention is to teach and train individuals, in a friendly environment, how to grow their own edible and medicinal mushrooms, from culturing to cultivation. This is Module 3 of the "Advanced Fungi Culturing Course" (3 hours)


The "Advanced Fungi Culturing Course" consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Culturing on agar petri dishes/plates
  • Module 2: Isolating good mycelium from bad
  • Module 3: Making your own master spawn
  • Module 4: Growing mushrooms; edible and medicinal

Once you apply your newly acquired knowledge from this course and realise that it is not as difficult as you thought, you will understand why we use the catch phrase... "fear not the fungi".


In each trade, a tradesman requires tools. We have put together a list of the Tools of the Trade, which is everything you will need to get started just as soon as you've completed the course. You can view the full list under the shopping menu option Tools of the Trade and add one or all of these items, depending on what you already have or might need.


This training is delivered on a "one-on-one" basis, please complete the below booking form, then click "Book Here" below the form to submit your booking and suggested training date. You will be contacted to confirm a training date. Only once your date has been confirmed, will we ask you to make payment. You need NOT go to "Add to cart" or make payment at this time.